Two young troublemakers

There were two young brothers, aged 7 and 8. These two boys were always in trouble, in one way or another. Seems like every time there was something going on, these boys were somehow involved. Nothing serious, just mischief really. Typical stuff for young boys, it just seemed like there was more of it with these two.

Their mother was at her wits end, and asked for help from the other mothers, thinking maybe they could keep an eye out for their trouble and catch them before there was more, but it didn’t help. One of the other mothers suggested that she head over to the church and see if the priest could help.

“Sure, I’ll talk with them”, he said, “but only one at a time. Send the youngest one over first.”
She went home and sent the 7 year old over to the church to talk with the priest.

The priest took the boy into the refectory, and then into his office where he set him set him down on a hard wood chair. He looked at him for a long time, and then asked “Son, Where’s God?”
The boy sat in silence, staring at his feet.
The priest asked again “Boy, where is God?”
Still, the boy remained silent, staring.
The priest asked a third time: “Answer me, young man. Where is God?”
Nervously looking about the office, the boy remained silent, apparently overwhelmed with the situation he’d suddenly found himself in.
The priest said “OK son, you can go, but think about it. I’ll ask your mom to send you over tomorrow so we can continue our little talk.”

The boy bolted from the office, out of the refectory, and ran as fast as he could back home, up the stairs and into his and his brothers room.
“We’re in a lot of trouble this time”, he told his brother. “maybe more that we’ve ever been in before!”
“What happened?” the older brother asked his younger sibling. “What are they mad about?”
With huge eyes, the younger brother looked at his older brother and told him “God’s missing, and they think we had something to do with it!”