About Me

I’m Jerry Parker, and I’m a broadcast engineer, electronics technician, Code-Monkey, manager and business owner. I’m lots of other things too, such as a husband and father who is active in his community, who likes to hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors.

My background includes 20 years of business ownership, 35 years of radio/tv/software work, and for 15 years I was the Vice President of a firm that provided marketing, emailing, contesting and recurring revenue opportunities for Radio, television and print companies across America and Canada.

Currently I am Director of Technical operations for a software firm that provides software to radio and television and satellite broadcasters around the world.  When people ask me who my customers are, I tell them “if you think of a broadcasting company where you have heard or seen their shows, either radio, TV or satellite, they are my customer”.  That’s a true statement. 90% of broadcasting companies around the world work with with my company in one form or another.

Another thing I’m fond of saying: “I make my living on the phone”!

My hobbies include collecting, robotics and robot design, and raising small animals at my home outside of Austin, Texas. I’m also the involved as an executive of my local Homeowners Association, and active in local and county government. I am a conservative who believes in the American Dream, and yet fully supports the notion that sometimes, people need a “hand up”.  But very, very rarely do folks need a “hand out”.

You can read more about my career here, and about my political activities here. If you’re interested in my hobbies, look here.

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